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A research work by Christ Centered Counseling Network (CCCN) –


Teenage pregnancy is one of the major social problems in every country. Religious leaders, heads of states, and other prominent persons have tried and still trying to find solutions to it.

In this article by Christ Centered Counseling Network (CCCN),, or @cccnpage, twitter - @cccncounseling, the definition, causes, effects or consequences, and solutions or prevention and control are discussed.


What is Teenage Pregnancy?

It is defined as a person who gets pregnant at her teenage stage, probably between the ages of 12 to 19.

Teenage - is defined as a person between the ages of 12 or 13 to 19, and sometimes 9 to 19. Some girls get their first menstruation at the age of 9.

Adolescent - is also defined as the stages of development in both male and females.

In most countries it is legal for a young lady or teenager who is 18 years and above to get married and give birth.

What is worrying is illegal and immoral pregnancy where students or young adolescents indulge in sexual activities and gets untimely and unwanted pregnancy.


Causes of Teenage Pregnancy:

Christ Centered Counseling Network (CCCN),, or @cccnpage, twitter - @cccncounseling), has researched into it and have found the causes of it. According to CCCN, the following are the causes of teenage pregnancy: poverty, broken home, separation of couples, single parent, death, peer pressure or influence, lust, religious beliefs, rape and sexual abuse, alcoholism and drug abuse, lack of knowledge, environmental influence, and pornography.

1. Poverty - which means the state of being poor make teenage girls to be trap by their age mates’ males or older people. In an interview in a hospital with a pregnant teenager she said the parents could not provide all learning materials for her and she used to visit a male classmate often to study with him and also take some of his books home. They liked each other more and by the time she realised they were into a serious relationship and got pregnant. Others that CCCN interviewed stated their parents pushed them into commercial sex work, and some also said rich and perceived gentlemen lured them with money and got them pregnant.

2. Broken Home - refers to a family that is either poor or there is lack of control. It may also refer to a home that the couples are not staying together either by divorce or separation or death of a one. Teenagers in such a home suffer a lot, there is no or little parental love and affection, no control and the poor girl may be a prey to her school mates, some irresponsible men and at the end get pregnant.

3. Separation of couple - is when couples are separated due to marital problems or one of them has travelled or work outside the town of the other partner or family. Separation is very dangerous because stubborn girls take advantage of it. She may tell the mother am visiting my father and because the mother may not want to speak to the husband because of may be some misunderstanding between them, does not find whether the daughter go the father on exact time and date she leaves the house. Likewise the father, the daughter tells him am going to my mother but may divert and spend some time with a boyfriend before getting to the mother’s house.

4. Single parent – is when one of the parents is only taking care of the children due to death, or separation, or divorce. Stubborn girls take advantage of the parent time (parent do not have time due to working hours) and spent time with boyfriend(s) and at the end may get pregnant.

5. Death – some teenagers get pregnant due to the death of their parent(s). The girl may lack parental control, or pampered by inheritors of the deceased parent(s) and may be victim of stubborn boys and men.

6. Peer pressure or influence – those teenagers who get pregnant in their teens may be a friend’s influence. Most young teenagers who are in boy – girl relationship laugh at their peers who are not. At the end they also get into it and may get pregnant.

7. Lust – some teenagers get into sexual relationships because of lust. In adolescent stages both males and females go through some psychological and physical sexual feelings and may put into reality or act on it. This often results in teenage pregnancy.

8. Religious beliefs and practices – it is a practice in some religions to marry as a teenager. They believe in early marriage and some parents do not even allow their girl child to have formal education.

9. Rape and sexual abuse – some teenagers get pregnant as a result of rape or may be sexually abuse by some of their teachers, or an elderly person.

10. Alcoholism and drug abuse – many students are found of taking in alcohol and hard drugs. There is a saying that the devil finds work for an idle hand, the drunkards usually indulge in casual sex and hence many young girls get pregnant.

11. Lack of knowledge or ignorance – many young girls lack knowledge of pregnancy. The uneducated are the most victims. They just enter into relationship without any caution.

12. Environmental influence – this refers to the social norms and values in the community. In some communities, the moment the girl child gets her first menstruation, she can get married. Some times to it is normal for a teenager to get pregnant in the community because the parents and grandparents were once the same.

13. Pornography – pornography videos and photos available on the internet, magazines, newspapers, books, and other media house lure teenagers into indiscriminate sex and may leads to teenage pregnancy.



Effects or Consequences:

The research by CCCN team found out that teenage pregnancy has an adverse effects and consequences on the individual or victim, family, and the society as a whole. The following are some of the effects or consequences: school dropout, fatherless children, street children, arm robbery, dependency burden, death, increase of economic hardship, spread of diseases, abortion, and family conflicts.

1. School dropout – many teenagers who get pregnant are not able to complete their education. Their friends may laugh at them and feel shy of going back even if their parents can take care of the new born baby. Also the teenage mother may lack behind even if she go back to school.

2. Fatherless or bastard children - many children born by teenage mothers do not know their biological fathers because the guy or man responsible did not accept to be the impregnator.

3. Street children – some children born by teenage mothers may end up being street children. This happens because; the teenage parent(s) may not take proper care or cannot afford to provide for the children.

4. Arm robbery – many arm robbers were born by teenage parent(s). Some of the street children grew up to become arm robbers.

5. Dependency burden – teenage mothers or parents and babies put their burden on their relatives hence adding to the relatives problems.

6. Death – some teenagers do not return from hospital when they visit maternity ward to give birth. Meaning some die during child delivery.

7. Increase in economic hardship – teenage pregnancy increases the population in a nation and may bring economic hardship. The government has to increase infrastructure development, social amenities etc.

8. Spread of diseases – teenage mothers or parents usually spread sexual transmitted diseases (STD). When the relationship starts, the guy may have indiscriminate sex likewise the girl hence increase in spread of STDs may occur.

9. Abortion – teenage girls usually makes the attempt to abort their babies. Abortion is not accepted in many nations and also immoral according to the bible. The effects of abortion are childlessness in future, death, deformities of the teenager or the baby etc.

10. Family conflicts – usually teenage pregnancy results in conflicts between the girl’s parents and the guy or boy’s parents. This may due to tribal issues, finances, religious beliefs, etc.





Prevention and Control:

Christ Centered Counseling Network (CCCN) suggests that, teenage pregnancy can be prevented and controlled by biblical counselling, sex education, charity and humanitarian aids, provision of studying materials, adult education, law enforcement, community outreach programmes, and other social interventions.

1. Biblical counselling – the bible is the only authoritative, authentic, and accurate book that is best for counselling. It is GOD’s deep thoughts, and expressions. The only qualified person who can use the bible to counsel is the one who has the mind of Christ, meaning the person has the Holy Spirit in him, and always act in the direction of the Holy Spirit.

2. Sex education – students and teenagers must be taught of sex. When and how to have legal sex, the consequences of indiscriminate and casual sex, and the effects of teenage pregnancy. This must be done by God-fearing medical persons.

3. Charity and humanitarian aids – charity is love in action. We can help in humanitarian services such as donating to charity homes, NGO’s that are into social activities and interventions, and other ways to help reduce teenage pregnancy.

4. Provision of studying materials – individuals, organisations, and the government have to donate or provide text books, pencils, computers, etc. to schools, colleges and public libraries to aid learning. This will help those who cannot afford to buy learning materials to also have access.

5. Adult education – parents and guardians are to be educated on the importance of their wards education and future. Also teenage mothers are to be counselled and encourage to restore hope and opportunities in them.

6. Law enforcement – all pornography videos, magazines, and books must be banned from schools, colleges, and public libraries, social networks, and TV, this will help prevent teenage pregnancy. Rapist, sexual abusers and molestations are to be prisoned to correct them.

7. Community outreach programmes – government agencies, NGO’s, churches, and other stakeholders must get involved in community outreach programmes such as HIV awareness week, crusades, provision of social amenities, etc..


Brief About CCCN:

Christ Centered Counseling Network (CCCN)

CCCN is non-profit Christian organization that seeks to restore hope and opportunities in people. All activities or services of this organization are centered on our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST. We visit Schools and Colleges, Tertiary Institutions, Christian Organizations, and Communities with our Bible based counseling.

The targeted groups are children, youth, and parents. This organization seeks to deal with issue of deviant behaviors or social vices that the society is facing. The counseling is biblical based and not just any philosophies or man’s idea. The services include biblical counseling, health education, socialization, parental care, prayers, and sponsorship.

Visit our website and also follow us on , or @cccncounseling, etc.

We like imparting our Godly and social moral knowledge, and academic knowledge to others. We are also good in policy making and implementation, management and administration, human relations, and general social services.

As a Christian based Counseling and Humanitarian Services Organization, We are committed to a holistic approach to life changing and humanitarian services reading or learning that engages not only the mind of the reader or learner, but every aspect of life – body, spirit, and heart.

We foster life-transformation through a thoughtful inspirational and motivational Christian and Social or Humanitarian Novels, blogging, speaking engagement, youth development programs, service activities, counseling, community experiences, church meetings, and intercessory prayers.





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